• Mantra-Ayur.com & Spa-Supplier.com

    Enhance your well-being by embracing into your life the wonders of ayurveda.

    In late 2009, HKS Management approached HIOBO to help them create a place for their new brand online. Eager to harness the wonders and powers of the world wide web, MantraAyur.com set out to create a new community, passing on the benefits of Ayurveda to many.

  • JacquelineDalais.com

    Meet the Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2010.

    In April 2010, Jacqueline Dalais asked HIOBO to help her to get online. Jacqueline is a known figure and a reference for French cuisine with a Mauritian touch! The website had to be bilingual, and give information about the services she offered, as well as a display of the different locations on the island, where her food is served.. beware, this is mouth-watering!

  • LotoCheck.com

    the EASY way to check if you've made it BIG!

    In November 2009, the Lotterie National was launched in Mauritius. We, like many other mauritians play the loto, and have to check our lines every weekend. This can get quite tedious!We thought of developing a tool that would check our lines automatically. When we found out how cool that turned out to be, we decided to let the public enjoy it too.